Silicone Roof Coating Service

Searching for a way to shield your roofing and its materials? Silicone roof coatings are fantastic for your roof’s defense. No matter what material your roof system is made from, silicone roof coatings supply durable and water-resistant protection as a natural defense. As a further feature, this coating is eco-friendly due to its moisture-curing nature. With a variety of services for you, Roof Solutions and Construction is your source for every roofing need, from roofing installation to roof restoration services. You get a first-rate roofing system that you can trust in and the highest quality customer service with each project. Looking to get a silicone roof coating in El Paso, TX or the surrounding area? Dial (915) 263-8774 today to talk with our expert roofing team about your coating needs!

Silicone Roof Coating and Their Benefits

Silicone Roof Coating

Roof Solutions and Construction Offers Fantastic Silicone Roof Coating Services.

Protect your roof with the complete resistance supplied by silicone roof coatings. It can deal with anything storms and nature may throw its way. This layer is administered straight to your roof system and offers strong UV resistance, reflecting rays away from your property. Silicone roof coating provides you a cool roof system, reducing energy costs due to its reflective natures. Silicone roofing repels sun exposure and keeps its original color, not like other coatings that chalk and discolor over time. Another big worry you can have is water damage and ponding for your roofing system. With silicone roof coating, you do not need to worry about water damage and ponding as the coating acts as a waterproof membrane and defends your roof system. Dealing with mold and mildew, the coating prevents both from growing and attacking your roofing system materials. Your silicone roof coatings can be effective ten to fifteen years, providing you with a complete defense. Call us today for a silicone roof coating in El Paso, TX.

Your Roofing Professionals

With Roof Solutions and Construction, you get quality protection from a roofing designed to match your needs and with a silicone roof coating in El Paso, TX. We are known for our expert installation practices and the customer service we supply at each call. No matter what service you require, our team of certified roofing contractors gets your roofing system back to its best with first-rate restoration service. Get started today with quality silicone roof coatings! Dial (915) 263-8774!