Roof Restoration in El Paso, TX

Roof Restoration in El Paso, TXe

Roof Solutions and Construction Offer Roof Restoration Service.

Is your roof starting to show minor signs of deterioration? Are you noticing wear and tear but trying to avoid the business expense of a new roof? If so, you should consider roof restoration in El Paso, TX. We provide professional roofing services for your commercial roof so that it is in the best shape possible. To get the most out of your current roof, call Roof Solutions and Construction at (915) 263-8774 to learn more about our roof restoration services.

Benefits of a Roof Restoration

Getting roof services for your roof mean contemplating a lot of things. At the top of the list of things to consider if the expense of roof services. With roof restoration, you will be avoiding the cost of a new roof and instead be choosing a more affordable option. Roof Solutions and Construction is ready to help our customers make the right decision for themselves and their roof.

Restoring your roof encourages energy efficiency. By improving the temperature control within your building, you are saving money on energy bills and improving the energy consumption level of your business. In addition, by opting against a roof tear off, you are choosing the more environmentally sound roofing option.

Often times businesses decide to replace their roof before it is necessary. If you are not sure what the proper course of action is, you can call us for a full inspection of your roof. We will provide you with the information you need to make the best possible decision for a roof restoration in El Paso, TX.

Roof Restoration or Replacement?

Roof Restoration Service

A Roof Restoration Has a Number of Benefits.

Clearly, roof replacement is a better long-term option for businesses. However, when affordability is the primary concern, roof restoration can be a very good interim solution. If your roof is still functional but is showing signs of wear and tear, you may be a perfect candidate for restoration. Consider these factors to help you decide if your roof can be restored:

  • Age: How old is your roof? And what is the expected lifespan of your roof type?
  • Insulation: Is your building still properly insulated? Or is moisture infiltrating the interior?
  • Leaks: What is the history of documented leaks in your roof? Do they happen frequently?
  • Slope: Is your roof still at a functioning slope? Has the slope been measured?

If you decide you would like to learn more about roof restoration in El Paso, TX, call us today at (915) 263-8774

Our Roof Restoration Services

In order to ensure your roof is in excellent shape, we offer different types of roof coatings for our roof restoration service. Below are the roof coatings that we can apply to your current commercial roof.

  • Acrylic Roof Contractor An acrylic roof coating is a great investment in order to keep your roof lasting for years to come.
  • Commercial Roof Restoration Does your commercial roof need a roof restoration? Contact us today to set up an appointment.
  • Elastomeric Roof Contractor With an elastomeric roof coating, you will be sure to extend the life of your roof and get better energy savings.
  • Polyurea Roof Contractor Prolonged lifespan, energy savings, and UV protection are just some of the benefits of a polyurea roof coating.
  • Silicone Roof Contractor Interested in a roof restoration for your property? Call Roof Solutions and Construction of a silicone roof coating.

Let our roofers help you get the best roofing possible while avoiding a complete roof replacement by calling our roofers at (915) 263-8774 for a roof restoration in El Paso, TX. We are ready to help you extend the life of your roof and give you years of protection and comfort.