Residential Roof Replacement

Brick Home With Tile Roof

A Home’s Resale Value Can Benefit From a New Roof.

How often are you repairing your old roof? Are you looking to increase your home’s resale value? For high-quality roof replacement in El Paso, TX, contact Roof Solutions and Construction at (915) 263-8774.

Do You Need a Replacement Roof?

A roof repair is one thing, a roof replacement is entirely different. How do you know when it’s time to replace your roof completely? If you know the material and age of your roof, you can get a quicker answer to those questions. A shingle roof should last approximately 25 years, while a flat roof may only last 15 years. If you have a roof made from a high-end material like clay tile, it can last more than 100 years. Concrete or metal tile roofs can also last over 50 years. The current material of your roof will be a primary factor in making your decision. With that said, even the best quality roofs can deteriorate quickly if they have had significant damages or were poorly installed or maintained.

Roof Damaged From Severe Weather

If Your Roof’s Damage Is Significant, Professionals Will Be Needed to Fix It.

If you suspect the lifespan of your roof has reached its conclusion, be aware of indicators of deterioration. Significant storm damage can be obvious, but more subtle signs of deterioration are harder to notice. Shingle roofs may lift or curl up and develop moisture underneath while flat roofs will also tear, crack, and leak. A roof replacement is a major investment but the long-term expense of constant repairs on a deteriorating roof is even more daunting. In addition, the security of a new and professionally installed roof over your head provides peace of mind for you and your family. Call our roofers today for a roof replacement in El Paso, TX.

Talk to Our Roofers About a Roof Replacement

If you are thinking about roof replacement in El Paso, TX, contact Roof Solutions and Construction right now. We will tear off and replace your roof with a team of professionally trained residential roofers. We only use the top quality products on the market to replace your roof and assure durability for decades to come. At Roof Solutions and Construction, we know that a roof replacement is a major investment and we provide you with a service that you will not regret. Call us today at (915) 263-8774.