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Residential Flat Roof

A Properly Installed Residential Flat Roof Should Be Seamless and Safe From Leaks!

Flat roofs, like metal roofs, are most typically found on commercial buildings, thanks to a variety of reasons, from design preferences to building limitations. However, flat roofing is becoming increasingly popular for residential areas, and with good reason! According to Energy Star, flat roofs are the most energy efficient roofing options, and since a flat roof has fewer surface areas than a sloped roof, homeowners can save money on installation costs too. If you interested in a residential flat roof in El Paso, TX, give us a call today at (915) 263-8774 to learn more!

Which Residential Flat Roof Design Is Right For My Home?

When you consider adding a flat roof to your home, you are presented with a variety of different methods and a variety of reliable residential flat roof materials. In order to determine which one will work best for you, it is important to make sure you know exactly what you want out of your new roof. For instance, if you are looking to create a contemporary aesthetic to your home, you may be partial to the standard EPDM roofing, also known as rubber roofing. This single-ply, elastomeric polymer can be applied in three different ways, and with a low cost of installation and a lightweight end result, it is an extremely popular choice for flat roofing.

If you are looking for the best energy efficient roof, you are already on the right track by choosing a flat roof, but to really give your roof that extra boost in efficiency, you should ask about our PVC roofing options. Another single-ply membrane roof, PVC is one of the most environmentally friendly flat roofing options and is engineered to be resistant to UV damage. The reflective nature of this residential flat roof material allows it to reflect a significant amount of sunlight away from your home, which will be sure to lower your energy bills. Additionally, the seams of this material are heat welded, giving it one of the best defenses against leaks and water damage available.

If you are interested in repairing or installing a flat residential roof in El Paso, TX give us a call at (915) 263-8774! Our experienced residential roofers are also happy to help you with any questions you have about residential flat roof repair and installation, so you can make the best decision for your home.