Top Quality Ceramic Roof Tiles

Is your ideal roof not only resilient but also stylish and a boost to your house’s curb appeal? In this situation, a ceramic tile roof may provide the ideal solution for you and your home. Available in a wide variety of options, colors, and cuts, ceramic roof tile materials are additionally able to offer dependable protection. Call (915) 263-8774 to ask any of our roof contractors how your house can benefit from a┬áprofessional installation for ceramic roof tiles in El Paso, TX or the surrounding cities. As experts in this industry, we can assist with nearly any type of tile roof installation, and we have years of experience.

Are Clay And Ceramic Roof Tiles The Same Material?

Ceramic Roof Tiles

Looking for a Beautiful Tile Roof? Consider Ceramic Roof Tiles!

Generally speaking, many roof contractors tend to use the names clay tiles as well as ceramic tiles almost interchangeably, but there are some notable if subtle discrepancies. You can rely on just about any tile roof installation to defend your house from fire and damaging weather patterns thanks to tile’s exceptional durability, but clay is a bit more resilient than ceramic since ceramic is more brittle. Ceramic tiles do have the added perk of additional styles and colors from the manufacturing method, which aren’t available for clay tiles. More maintenance is also needed for ceramic when compared to clay, but the overall maintenance is much less frequent than the maintenance required for asphalt shingles or wood shake. Apart from those differences, the two tile materials are quite similar in both protection and longevity. As with all tile roof varieties, an amateur installation can lead to a lifetime of costly repairs, or possibly premature failure, so make sure to have your ceramic roof tile installation performed by a roofing contractor. Call our residential roofers today for expert installation of ceramic roof tiles in El Paso, TX.

Professional Installation of Ceramic Roof Tiles

Tile roofing systems are not a new method and have actually been defending homes and businesses throughout the globe for centuries. Such roofs are sometimes overlooked over by clients due to the heavier price tag, but homeowners with tile roof systems agree that the value of the roofing pays for itself quickly over its life. Ceramic tile roof installations can last for upwards of 80 years and generally come with extended manufacturer warranties too. Not only are they beautiful after installation, but the ceramic roof tile materials even deliver protection against mold and fire throughout their lifetime. Call us now at (915) 263-8774 to request an estimate for an installation of ceramic roof tiles in El Paso, TX or the nearby areas.