Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

For residents who need the simple charm of a wood shake shingle roof, but don’t want the work of keeping it up, Roof Solutions and Construction offers installation of synthetic cedar shake roofing in El Paso, TX. This type of synthetic shingle looks exactly like the real thing, but with easier maintenance and lower installation cost. With a less difficult installation and less upkeep, synthetic shake shingles are a great alternative to a wood roof. For more information regarding this different premium roofing system, call our office at (915) 263-8774.

Reasons to Install Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

There is a significant amount of upkeep needed for a cedar shingle roof. The roof needs to be cleaned every couple of months to prevent harm from algae and moss growth. The shingles can develop wood rot and the roof needs to be examined more frequently to keep in front of wood rot damage. Wood shingle roofs also require specialized installation to account for how wood changes over time. Synthetic shingles can be installed like traditional roofing shingles and they do not require a lot amount of attention. As a matter of fact, the only required maintenance is a yearly inspection.

Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

Without the Hassle of Real Wood Roofing, You Can Install Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing!

Bad storms don’t generally damage synthetic shake shingles. Even winds as strong as 200 mph and rain driving at 106 mph do not harm this roofing material. Fire, mold, mildew, and termites have no effect on synthetic shake shingles. When you want to spend less cash on both roof upkeep and repairs, purchase synthetic cedar shake roofing in El Paso, TX by calling our residential roofers today.

Schedule Your Installation for Synthetic Cedar Shake Roofing

If you need a charming, rural roof that offers exceptional protection, synthetic shake shingles are a great selection. Roof Solutions and Construction is pleased to provide installation of synthetic cedar shake roofing in El Paso, TX. To discover more concerning our synthetic shake shingle services, contact our office at (915) 263-8774. Our commitment is to provide professional roofing accompanied by the highest client care. We strive to make sure you receive the best possible roof for your home and are able to do that by offering high-quality roof materials at an affordable price. Get in touch with us today to receive the roof of your dreams for your home.