Synthetic Shingles Service

Synthetic Shingles Service

Get the Look of Shake, Slate, and Wood Roofing with Synthetic Shingles.

When looking for premium roof materials, you might rapidly feel overwhelmed by the incredible number of choices. Different varieties of residential roofing possess their benefits and drawbacks, and we try our best at Roof Solutions and Construction to ensure that all customers know the options before them. Synthetic shingle roofs offer a wealth of advantages for a roof. Whatever your house’s size or style, trust that at least one of our synthetic shingle choices will do perfectly.

A great deal of a roof’s longevity depends on the caliber of its placement. There’s no reason to worry yourself in regards to the level of installation when you contact our master team of roofers. Call us at your first opportunity at (915) 263-8774 to set up a meeting or work for synthetic shingles in El Paso, TX.

The Benefits of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles Look Exactly Like Slate, Shake, and Tile, But They Are Lightweight and Easier to Take Care of.

Made to look like wood, slate, or ceramic, synthetic roofing provides a handsome, reasonably priced selection. The main benefits of synthetic shingle roofs arrive from the price and general durability. These shingles are additionally weather-resistant, an important trait that can save you a substantial amount of service and restoration costs. If you stay hesitant about whether to pick synthetic shingle roofing for your house, ponder the abundance of advantages.

  • Style and Appearance: Once applied to the roof, you can detect almost no difference between synthetic shingle roofing and their counterparts in ceramic or slate.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight makeup of synthetic shingle materials makes them a great roofing choice over standard tile or slate. This factor offers one additional boon of synthetic shingles: quick application, a truly valuable issue when bad weather events have led an older roof to fail.
  • Durability: The sturdiness of synthetic shingle roofing is almost unsurpassed. These shingles will last down through the decades, thanks to their manufacture from slate and steel, in addition to rubber.

Learn more about the benefits of installing synthetic shingles in El Paso, TX, by calling us today.

kinds of Synthetic Shingle Roofing

If you have consistently wanted the look of tile, slate, or wood shingles for a home, then Roof Solutions and Construction is the contractor to partner with.

  • Synthetic Slate Roof Installation Pricey slate and stone roofing materials have an ideal substitute for synthetic shingles. While the appearance is just about exact, the weight differential is profound.
  • Synthetic Tile Roof Synthetic tile shingles add elegance to any home. Synthetic shingles have added fortitude when compared to tile.
  • Synthetic Wood Roof High upkeep demands subtract a bit from the charm of wood shingles. Synthetic shingles provide every benefit of wood, without the disadvantages.

You are able to contact us anytime at (915) 263-8774 to ask questions or to get more information for a synthetic roofing project. Roof Solutions and Construction is the preferred option for the service or application of synthetic shingles in El Paso, TX.