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Slate Roof

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Are you looking for a different roof type for your home? For clients considering spending a bit more on their roof this time around and are looking to step away from cheap asphalt shingles, we have some extremely resilient choices on the market. Slate tiles are quite possibly the best residential roofing material in the industry, in quality and longevity. When you would like to learn more about a slate roof in El Paso, TX, give us a ring at (915) 263-8774! At Roof Solutions and Construction, we have significant experience providing professional slate roofing solutions to our community, and we can assist you too!

Slate Roof Benefits

Tile roofing, in general, is renowned for iconic beauty and impressive durability, but choosing slate for your roofing tiles is one of the greatest options you can go with if you really want to get the best out of your tile roof system. Different from any other tile roofing material, you can bet on your slate roofing to last for over 100 years in normal conditions. Slate tiles are stronger than man-made tiles built from clay and concrete and thus last much longer. Safe from mildew and fungus growth, slate tiles are even non-combustible, so your roof has additional protection from fire. You have an extensive selection to decide from when you request a slate roof installation from Roof Solutions and Construction, which enables you to access a complete spectrum of design. To learn more about installing a slate roof in El Paso, TX, call our residential roofers today!

Professional Slate Roof Installation

Proper installation is a major factor in reaping all of the benefits a slate tile roof system has to offer. If your slate roof is improperly installed, it will cause a variety of issues that can be very hard to remedy. This is why it’s incredibly vital that you choose an experienced contractor such as the ones we have at Roof Solutions and Construction who are experienced in working with premium roofing systems. We are able to install your slate roofing properly the first time around without any issues. One of our number one services is an installation for a slate roof in El Paso, TX, so if you want to make an appointment, please call us at (915) 263-8774 today.