TPO Roofing Service

When it comes to putting a roof on your commercial building, you need a material that’s sturdy, yet affordable. Thermoplastic polyolefin, known simply as TPO, fits the bill. It’s durable, looks great, and it’s economical. Its makeup makes it ideal for commercial TPO roofing in El Paso, TX.

TPO Roofing

If Your TPO Roofing Is Damaged, Call Our Roofers for Repairs or a Replacement.

TPO roofing was designed to bring together the durability of PVC roofing with the longevity of EPDM roofing to provide a great, all-around roofing performance. It started growing in popularity around the 1990’s as a low-cost option to PVC roofing. While it’s an incredibly sturdy single ply roofing option, it is still susceptible to damages. Please give us a call today at (915) 263-8774 if you think you need repairs or a replacement for your TPO roof.

Signs You Need TPO Roofing Repair

Knowing what types of signs to look for can prevent a complete TPO roof replacement.

  • Ponding Water: When a TPO roof doesn’t have proper draining, it can cause standing and pool water on the surface of the roof, which can lead to roof leaks.
  • Roof Leaks: Have you noticed water stains on the ceiling or on the interior walls of your building? This could be due to a leak.
  • Blistered Roof Surface: A blistered or bubbling roof surface can be due to hot temperatures.
  • Roof Tears: Tears on your TPO roof can be caused due to blistering roof surfaces becoming worse.
  • A Loss in Energy Efficiency: These types of roofs are great for energy savings, but you know you have a problem when your energy bills start to go up.

Give our commercial roofers a call in order to get repairs or a replacement for your TPO roofing in El Paso, TX.

Maintaining a TPO Roof

The Key to a Long-Lasting TPO Roofing is Proper Repair Service or a Complete Replacement.

TPO roofing in El Paso, TX, provides low maintenance performance. However, as your roof ages, it’s important to have it maintained to ensure its high level of functionality.

Roof Solutions and Construction of El Paso, TX, offers complete replacements and repairs for TPO roofs. Among the services offered are roof inspections to look for signs of aging, such as:

  • Splitting along the seams;
  • Tears or punctures from debris;
  • Brittle or shrinking membrane caused by sun damage.

For information about a replacement or repairs for TPO roofing in El Paso, TX, call Roof Solutions and Construction at (915) 263-8774.