EPDM Roofing Services

Whether you’re building a new commercial structure or replacing an existing commercial roof, you have several single ply roofing material options to consider. One is ethylene propylene diene terpolymer or EPDM for short. This type of rubber roof can last up to 50 years, making it a good option for commercial EPDM roofing in El Paso, TX.

Proper installation is key to a well performing roof, so choose the experts at Roof Solutions & Construction of El Paso, Texas, to install your EPDM roofing.

Roof Solutions & Construction in El Paso, Texas, Is Highly Skilled in Installing EPDM Roofing.

You can maximize your EPDM roofing investment with proper installation and periodic maintenance. With experienced installers, extensive roofing knowledge, and a commitment to meet your needs and budget, Roof Solutions and Construction in El Paso, TX, can help simplify your choices so call us at (915) 263-8774 to learn more.

EPDM Roofing Benefits

Depending on the style of your commercial building, EPDM roofing offers a number of benefits that will save you money.

  • Faster Installation: Rubber roofing is installed in one single piece or large sections, making it a faster to install.
  • Resilient: An EPDM roof has fewer seams, so it’s more secure and less at risk of being compromised from roof damages.
  • Meets Insurance Requirements: Unlike other types of commercial roofing that are heat welded into place, glue is used to adhere EPDM roofing. This installation method is especially important if your insurance provider disallows heat welding due to the fire risk it presents.
  • Easy to Maintain: Your EPDM roof can last from 30 to 50 years with very little maintenance. 

When an EPDM Roofing Repair Is Necessary

One benefit of EPDM roofing installed by Roof Solutions & Construction of El Paso, Texas, is fewer seams, so it performs well without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Installed in Large Sections, EPDM Roofing Has Fewer Seams, Making It Withstand Damages.

One common roof repair is poor sealing due to improper installation, which is why it’s important to choose an experienced roofing company, like Roof Solutions and Construction to install your EPDM roofing in El Paso, TX.  Commercial buildings also may have improper drainage, causing water to pool on the roof. These pools of water can cause undue roof wear damage if not repaired in a timely manner. Over time, high winds can cause EPDM roofs to separate at the seams or edges, weakening your roof. As such, this type of roof repair should be done as soon as possible. To set up a consultation for EPDM roof service, please call our commercial roofers at (915) 263-8774! We can find a time that is convenient for you.