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Flat Roof Repair

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Roof Solutions and Construction is proud to provide the most trusted flat roof repair in El Paso, TX. Our decades of experience in the roofing industry give us the expertise to assist with all aspects of commercial roofing. Our contractors will repair your flat roof to the most professional standard and ensure the lifespan of the roof is extended.

Flat roofs are a popular choice for commercial roofing. Not only is the performance level of the roof high, but it remains one of the most affordable options in the industry. If you think your flat roof is damaged, a professional inspection will provide you with the answers you seek. Keeping your flat roof in optimal condition will allow you to continually maximize your rooftop space. For flat roof repair in El Paso, TX contact (915) 263-8774.

Flat Roof Types We Repair and Install

In addition to our flat roof repair, we are also able to install flat roofing to your commercial building.

How Long Should my Flat Roof Last?

Generally, your flat roof will last between 10 and 30 years. The most common signs of deterioration will start to present themselves around years 15 to 20. The primary threats to your flat roof are moisture and sunlight, two qualities that are inescapable in the Texas heat. For this reason, it is imperative to have your flat roof regularly inspected by a trusted professional.

Flat Roof Repair and Installation

Whether You Need Flat Roof Repair or an Installation, Our Roofers Can Help You.

But what are the true indicators of flat roof deterioration? Sometimes the untrained eye will have a hard time identifying them. A professional inspection is necessary because the signs can be subtle. If you’re concerned about your roof after a recent severe storm, there are a few things you can look for right away. Look for buildups of water, cracks, torn seams, a bubble under the roof membrane, and an exposed mat. If water has built up on your roof for more than 2 full days, you may be vulnerable to UV rays that will further damage your roof. Call us for flat roof repair in El Paso, TX.

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If you see signs of damage, don’t panic. At Roof Solutions and Construction we pride ourselves on fixing your roofing problems. Not only will we solve your current problem, we will do everything possible to ensure that the next severe weather storm will not have a similar effect. If you need flat roof repair in El Paso, TX contact (915) 263-8774 today.