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There are plenty of different kinds of commercial roof systems, and the kind you need depends on the work that building is most frequently used for. Manufacturing facility roof systems are particularly in need of more strength, as they’re susceptible to damages from smoke and steam on the rooftop. If you have a facility roof, you’ll have to ensure your roofing is protected by high-quality industrial roof materials. Industrial roofs require industrial-grade materials when you are considering industrial roof restoration options as well. The professional roofers at Roof Solutions and Construction can assist you with industrial roof coatings in El Paso, TX, so give us a ring at (915) 263-8774 to get started!

Industrial Roof Coating Experts

Industrial Roof Coatings

Protect Your Industrial Roofing By Investing in Industrial Roof Coatings.

Many times, clients inquire about how industrial roof coatings are different from traditional commercial roof coatings. To put it simply, industrial roof coatings are exposed to more debris and potential damages than regular commercial roof systems, so they have to be more resilient. We address this problem by utilizing more durable coatings for industrial roof restorations. The coating on your commercial roof will additionally need to easily form around each of the seams on the roof from vents and exhaust. Just about any object that sticks to the rooftop presents a potential leak, but the right coating will provide total protection no matter what. Industrial roof coatings are very efficient, and will effortlessly defend your roof while enabling you to get an additional ten years out of its lifespan. They are great roof coatings for apartment complexes and multi-family, agricultural building roofing, hospitals and healthcare roofing, church roofing replacements, shopping centers, and office buildings. Get your industrial roof coatings in El Paso, TX by calling our roofing company.

Prices for Industrial Roof Coatings

An industrial roof coating is a great option if you need to fix the age on an industrial roof effectively, but without buying an entirely new roof system. Another smart benefit to look forward to is that roof coatings adhere directly over your current roof, so you won’t have to pay to have your previous roof removed. Order the industrial roof coatings in El Paso, TX that you are searching for from our professionals. Our roofers are able to provide inspections in order to determine if an industrial roof coating will help your roof. Dial (915) 263-8774 to request an estimate from our roofers, or to begin.